Google Play Movies and TV – Attention! Google is set to discontinue services in the near future

Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV

Regrettably, if you are a user of Google Play Movies and TV, there is unfortunate news for you. Google has made the decision to discontinue its widely-used service, Google TV, which was introduced approximately four years ago in 2020.
Although initially well-received, Google Play Movies and TV faced challenges in maintaining its popularity over time. The choice to terminate the service arises from Google’s integration of the Google Play Movies & TV app with Google TV, enabling seamless access to content.
Reports indicate that Google has provided information regarding the removal of the Google TV app. However, the app remains accessible on current Android TVs, select cable boxes, and web services, despite no longer receiving support. For further details, you can refer to Google’s support page.
According to reports, if you utilize Google Play Movies and TV, it will no longer be accessible on Android TV. Nevertheless, access to YouTube can still be maintained on Google TV.
The discontinuation of this service is set to commence on January 17. Google has previously discontinued various apps, such as Google Plus, Google Play Music, Google Allo, and Google Services. This is not the first instance where Google has chosen to shut down a service.

With the recent discontinuation of iTunes Movies and TV, we are now faced with another setback as Google is also phasing out its online movies and TV store. In the coming weeks, the Google Play Movies app will be replaced by other Google services, and by January 2024, the website and Google Play Movies and TV app will no longer be operational.

In this era of streaming, many companies are opting to consolidate their digital content purchasing services into centralized streaming and online video platforms. Consequently, Play Movies will be succeeded by YouTube, which already serves as a video library for purchased content alongside Play Movies. YouTube will soon become the primary platform for accessing rented and purchased content on Android TV-powered set-top boxes, mobile devices, and web browsers. Finding your content within the app will be effortless; simply navigate to the “your library” tab on the navigation sidebar.

For Android TV-enabled TVs and media streamers, accessing your purchased and rented Google Play Movies and TV shows will require navigating to the shop tab on the home screen. Purchasing content will also be a straightforward process, as you can use the search bar to locate movies and TV shows and directly buy or rent them through YouTube. The Android TV shop will continue to function as usual for TVs and streamers, ensuring that the process of purchasing content remains unaffected.

According to a report from 9to5 Google, the company has already started redirecting users to the Shop tab within the YouTube app. This ensures a smooth continuation of their entertainment experience and demonstrates Google’s commitment to maintaining user access to their purchased content, despite the changes in the platform.

The report indicates that Google’s decision to consolidate its entertainment services under the YouTube brand is in line with a broader trend in the technology and entertainment industries. Apple’s recent overhaul of its TV app, which seamlessly combines Apple TV+ content with movie and TV show purchases and rentals, is a clear example of this trend. It highlights the industry’s focus on simplifying user experiences and providing more integrated solutions. In terms of content acquisition, this process should also be quite straightforward. You will have the convenience of finding movies and TV shows effortlessly by utilizing the search bar. Subsequently, you can proceed to directly purchase or rent the desired content via YouTube. The Android TV store will continue to operate seamlessly for televisions and streaming devices, ensuring that the process of purchasing content remains unaffected.

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